Design Process At Eadus

The value that Eadus brings to your project
We your offer complete support and guidance throughout the process of  interior designing, planning and construction. While keeping to budget estimates and timelines we also extend our services by managing paperwork and government approvals as well as project monitoring giving you complete peace of mind on the project.

Value for the money you spend
Problem-solving is one of our primary goals in project management. This ensures that we add maximum value to work we take-on and achieve it within a predefined budget. Being a local business from Goa we are able to provide vital recommendations to optimise space utilization, natural lighting and ventilation, source quality materials for construction and finishings at competitive prices to lower your running costs yet maintain efficiency at your home, all this at a fraction of the cost of your build.

Creativity is based on a practical approach of enhancing your home environment to achieve your aspirations and vision. We work with a team of trained designers that are willing to take on challenging designs and explore it from your perspective.

Peace of mind
Hiring an architect or an interior designer at Eadus would mean that you would have professional working hands managing and executing the project backed by a broad experience in the construction industry in Goa. Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in design planning and execution.

What Eadus will do for you
Our work encompasses more than just drawings as we put our experiences together to successfully oversee and manage the entire execution and completion of the build. This entails tracking your budget, getting necessary government approvals and also maintaining disciplined timelines for the project.

During the early stages of planning we get a real feel of your requirements, realistic budget and timelines. Consultation with us will ensure that overall design costs are reduced and the objectives of the project are clearly met.

Design developing
During the design stage out team will closely work with you to bring out your ideas to paper and make the most of your investment in the project with modern-approaches that can be refined to match your needs.

Project approvals
We also take on the paperwork that is required to be submitted to the necessary government authorities for approval along with licensing process.

Construction phase
During the phase of construction we work with a team of contractors that are well experienced in their craft alongside monitoring and overseeing the construction until final completion.