Calangute is a small town in North Goa, that is better known for its beach. From all the beaches in Goa, Calangute would have to be the most popular. Furthermore, Calangute is the largest beach in Goa since it is connected to Baga in the North and Candolim in South. If you ask any tourists who made their way to Goa, all roads lead to Calangute. There are no seaports or airports within a 10km radius.

Calangute is located a few kms from Mapusa and about 10 kms from the capital of Panjim. Due to the popularity of the beach, it has been called the ‘Queen of Beaches‘. After Goa was liberated from the Portuguese rule, a lot of hippies made their way to the coastline. They would spend a lot of their time along their seashore. Back in the day, rock shows and giant disco events used to take place along the beach side. Today, these have moved to other beaches in Goa, like Baga and Anjuna.


Calangute also has a giant sea shore, that allows unlike a lot of other beaches out there. This gives tourists a chance to sit, stand, talk and enjoy the sun set. This is definitely one of the reasons that it is a better loved beach.The Calangute church, called St. Alex Church, is situated right at the entrance of the town. It is located away from the beach and doesn’t face a lot of the hustle and bustle from there. Although the church doesn’t date as far back as the others in Goa, it does have a heavy trace of the architecture that the Portuguese left behind.


There are a lot of activities that take place alongside the beach. They are usually shut down after the tourist season ends, since the tides are sometimes a little too rough.Calangute has an old market, where all the people from Calangute spent a large part of their day. However, of late, this has been reduced and people commute to Mapusa to get a lot of their shopping.


There are a lot of interesting spots to hangout in Calangute. With the influx of tourists and the need for proper tourism, the Government is working toward improving Calangute. There are a couple of Cafes that have come up now. Cafe Coffee Day, Cremeux, Chocolate Room are among some of the top contenders.