Decor ideas for your rented apartment

Plenty of decor advice are given for self-owned homes, however if you are living in a rented apartment the decorating of the space to call it your own does have its limitations.  In few instances landlords do have restrictions on the types of modifications you can incur while using the apartment or simply wouldn’t want to overspend considering that you will be living there for a limited period of time. These are valid reasons to limit the type of decor you would plan however it shouldn’t dampen the desire to have a beautifully decorated space.  Landlords on the other hand are also receptive to an apartment being well taken care of and being decorated as it enhances the worth of it.

Before you zero-in on an apartment discuss with the landlords on how they feel on upgrading a few elements in the apartment. Generally speak to them about the flooring, bathrooms and kitchens. Landlord’s are well aware that a well maintained unit will increase it worth therefore are open to discussing to improve elements in the apartments design.  Another alternative is to work out a deal with the landlord on a fixed budget that you will spend on which would be adjusted againts the rent you pay.

Flooring and wall paints are another area that often need to be upgraded. If you notice stains on the walls and floors discuss with the landlord to get it fixed. Walls and flooring are often overlooked by landlords as they are expensive to refurbish.  Additionally you can also purchase a few rugs to cover parts of the flooring. Ensure that it matches the room’s decor before you purchase them.

Ideally it is best to have your own furniture brought in for the previous rented apartment. If you are moving to the new apartment without any previous furniture, it is strongly recommended to make purchases of a few pieces of furniture to make the space feel your own and decorated to your tastes. If you considering electrical fixtures, pick ones that can be reattached when you leave. Electrical fixtures help lift-up the decor of the space, picturise  you the apartment’s living or dining rooms with your lighting arrangements! Really fancy!Shower heads are another element that you can change and detach when moving.

Every design idea has its own unique footprint that is individual to one’s taste and styles. It could be in the form of colors, themes and layouts that is drawn out of inspiration. Decorating a rental apartment need not be any different from decorating an self-owned homed. This can be easily achieved with versatility in decor ideas that can fit in variety of spaces. Another popular aspect that is widely available in Goa is the renting of furniture which is a very economical means to quickly decorate your apartment.


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