Decor tips to improvise a living room’s decor

This week we reworked the interiors of a one bedroom apartment in Panjim-Goa. One of the homes major flaws that the realtor and we agree upon was the furniture in the living areas. Arranging furniture is an important step in a home’s comfort because it dictates our perception of the space. We want to avoid overwhelming the room with furniture rather than focus on the space and the flow of the room for maximum comfort and appeal. While we were design the layout of this apartment at Caranzalem, we use some of the owner’s current pieces while incorporating some new furnishings into the space as well. In this guide we want to share with you the reasons for our furniture placements in the home’s living room.

Prior to the remodel, the furniture items in the room were a futon and a coffee table. The room lacked balance because all the furniture was on one side of the room. The room also wasn’t functional to conveniently watch TV, entertain or have a conversation. There wasn’t enough of furniture in the space and the futon was making it feel more like a studio than a living room that it needed to be. The value of this apartment in the market is nearly Rs.75,00,000 and we needed it to reflect that in the price tag. In this transformation we removed the couch, rearranged a few elements and in some cases removed the accessories.  We added a new couch which is in the shade of grey, as it is not only added a neutral color but also matched the white walls in the area. We wanted the furniture to stand out. We made use of the coffee and side tables that the owners had. We used a white rug under the coffee table so that couch would stand out as the focal point. We balanced the other side of the room with a TV stand and a funky white chair. We also added a multi-purpose chair that could be used at the desk or could be faced to towards the couch while entertaining.

When you are thinking of rearranging your furniture the first thing you need is to create a basic floor plan. Then separate the room in four sections, this is done by dividing it into four equal parts (number them for easy reference). Ideally there should be an even amount of furniture/elements in each section to achieve the right balance. In the current arrangement, there was nothing towards sections 3 and 4 (bottom half of the room’s layout). In order to achieve a sense of balance, here is what we did. We kept the rug in the center of the room.  The new couch came in as mentioned, that covered sections 1 and 2 (top halves of the sections), the location of the couch remained the same. We used a side table that the homeowner already had in the bedroom near the couch and added a TV stand in sections 3 and 4. We added two chairs to the layout, one in section 2 and the other in section 4 of the layout. This ensured that we had furniture in all sections of the layout balancing the design.  What is also important to consider is the traffic pattern  flowing in and out of the room. The entrance to the room was in section 3 of the layout,  the focal point as soon as one enters becomes the wall in section 1 and 2.  We have to establish a traffic pattern that flows smoothly and does not cause obstruction to the traffic moving in and out. Ideally the traffic patterns should be at least 2.

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