Designing a bedroom for your kids that grows with them


When it comes to the tastes of kids, one thing that is certain that keeps changing each day. It is perfectly okay as it is a part of their young years growing up. From a decor perspective, it does get a bit tricky if you have you have to redecorate constantly not to mention expensive. It is therefore necessary to create a space that will grow as your kids grow up. What does this mean? And how you can implement it? Well, we have put together design tips to help you get started.

Invest in furniture for the long run.

Keep in mind how quickly kids grow up, furniture that is looks ideal a certain again may not meet their purpose as a later stage. When furniture cannot adapt their growing needs, you will be regular visitor  at the furniture store to match their furniture requirements with their age.  An example would be purchasing a child size bureau only for a toddlers age, instead, select a unit which can be used to accommodate clothes that they would grow into.  Likewise the bed, instead of a single bed for a child, invest in a double bed which can be used for guests visiting as well.


Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Furniture that will double-up for different purposes is ideal when you are planning a bedroom which would require several transitions as your child grows from an infant. At an infancy stage, invest into furniture items that can be easily dismantled and moveable. The bed in the room should have storage underneath it which is always required for children considering the amount of toys and clothes they gather growing-up.

Choosing neutral colors on pricey decor

Items such as wooden floor installation, furniture pieces and wall colors should be ideally chosen in neutral shades rather than to make a statement. Also, consider the current trends before making a purchase of an expensive item. Trends can be short-lived and your decor may get fast outdated. To avoid this pick out designs that aren’t  too trendy with classic finishes  which will make that room look and feel, warm and inviting.

Accessorize to add personality

Accessorizing is a popular way to bring out the personality of the room. Kids love to express themselves and you can have their interests reflected in the decor of the room. We would recommend non-permanent fittings given that you will have to adapt to their changing needs.  An activity area is ideal for kids to call the space their own where their interests can be displayed is also recommended.

Get your child’s opinion

To understand what your child’s wants are, discuss how you intend to create the space for him or her.  Stress on the importance of the different areas and its purposes. A storage area for toys or a unit for their clothes and their play areas to make you child better aware of how the space is planned and how best it can be utilized.



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