Top 5 things to do in Goa which tourists love

1. Scuba Dive at the beautiful Grande Island

For water lovers this is must do activity in Goa, a diving experience that will submerge you upto 12 meters deep within the blue waters of the Arabian sea. The excursion begins with a one hour long training session from certified and experienced divers that will equip you with intricate diving skills. Soon after you are all set to take the plunge and explore the beautiful marine life filled with colorful fishes and also a few corals. One dive, is the limit, so ensure that you make the most of it. Having a pen-drive handy helps as pictures of the dive can be collected from the crew at the end of the activity. This activity lasts the entire day beginning at 8.00 am and ending at around 5-6.00 pm.

2. Head over to the Beaches

Goa’s mesmerizing coastline stretches over 90kms with a number of beaches with white sands and plenty of entertainment. Beaches in the north of Goa such as Candolim, Baga, Anjuna, and Vagator are packed with a number of tourists; these beaches are extremely popular and always attract crowds in large numbers. If you looking for some peace and quiet the beaches of the south are most recommended. Arossim and Utorda Beaches which are located near Majorda are far less crowded and also have a large coastline. The beaches in the north of Goa have plenty of activities that can be explored such as boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving and water scooters. There are a number of beach shacks that also serve a chilled beverages and delicious sea food.

3. Visiting the Spice Farms

Another side to Goa are its lush green hinterlands and a visit to the spice plantations in Ponda called the Sahakari Spice Plantation. The drive from Panjim takes just over an hour and soon you are welcomed by lush greenery all around. The recommended time to visit is around lunch as they host a delicious authentic Goan meal served with plenty of fried fish, prawns and the local favorite Goan Chicken Xacuti. You can also try a few shots of the locally brewed Caju Feni before you head out to take a guided tour  around the plantation which is filled with a variety of spice plants and also plenty of bird sightings.

4. The famous Ingo’s Night Market

Set up by a German national a few years ago on a piece of land that was leased has now boomed into being one of Goa’s most famous attractions. Locally known as ‘Saturday Night Bazar’ the market which is located in Arpora is active for six months in the year is full of items such as jewelry, clothing, hippie merchandise, Rajasthani and Kashmiri, Turkish artifacts and also a large selection of food and entertainment.

5. Exploring Forts

The forts in Goa have a significant historic role in Goa’s history as few that have been in existence even before the Portuguese era. The Aguada Fort was built by the Portuguese and is presently been used as a prison was built in the 19th century. Called ‘Aguada’ mainly because of the many natural springs that were present all around it. Corjuem Fort is another fort to explore that is located in the quiet village of Aldona, that was built by the Portuguese in 1705 located just 4 kilometers from Pomburpa. It is one of the two inland forts that are still in existence. Other forts to explore are Terekhol Fort, Chapora Fort, Reis Magos Fort, Cabo Fort and Mormugao Fort.