How To Guides: Essential Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedrooms are one of the most popular rooms in a home, often considered a space to distress and escape the world. Besides the room being comfortable we expect to feel relaxed, energized and and at ease. To achieve this the room has to balance comfort with the other decor elements in the space along  with adequate storage and beautiful furniture to enhance the look and feel of the space. Before you get started with the decor think about how you plan to use the bedroom. Many would consider adding a sitting area facing the TV to unwind others would only use the room to only rest and sleep.  Have a sketch of the room drawn on a piece of paper to help with the preliminary layout for the placement of furniture and other basic elements.

Before you get started with the decor process consider the following basics.

The Availability of natural light

Whether you are morning friendly person on not, keep a check on the direction of the sunlight before you decide the position of the bed and the other furniture. Natural lighting is absolutely essential to keep the room fresh and airy therefore avoid blocking-up windows, doorways and other ventilation that would limit the flow of light.


Making the right color palette choices

Colors in the bedroom should aid a sense of relaxation and also sleep. Loud colors should be avoided, colors such as soft lilacs, baby grey’s and earthy colors are most suited. If you plan to use multiple colors keep the splashes to a bare minimum to avoid too many harsh or dramatic tones.

Electrical points

Electrical outlets should be planned in advance based on the layout of the room and the furniture placements.  This is essential to avoid phone and electric points  getting blocked by heavy furniture after the planning stages are complete.

Bed sizes and types of mattresses

An ideal position for the bed is towards the center of longest wall of the room preferably away from  the opposite side of the door.  A bed also would require side tables on either side. There are plenty of bed structures to choose from such as divan base, separated headboard or a full bedstead. Equal thought should be put into the type of mattress for the bed, the range begins at Rs. 8,700 and stretches to five figures as well. If you wake up with back pains in the morning an orthopedic mattress would be recommended. Spring mattresses are offer a highly comfortable experience but are priced higher.

Dresses or mirrors

We would recommend placing a mirror in the bedroom if you often get dressed and ready for each day in the space. Depending on your likes, you can choose a full-length mirror or a maybe even a dressing table if the space permits.

Wardrobe chest of drawers

Additional storage in the bedroom is always welcome. Plan for storage options at the beginning of decorating  the room. Storage can be in standalone units or concealed storage units under the bed or in the seating furniture.



The lighting in the room should be in spread ideally in 2-3 layers. Consider the option for ambient lighting or mood lighting along with the overall lighting scheme. Spread the lighting sources across the room to avoid intense lighting in only one area.


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