Home Renovations

We are available for home renovation projects across Goa, equipped with a professional team of architects and contractors. Our team will help in renovations and remodeling for all your spaces. We begin with a intitial consultation at the site that is free, on inspection we will design a working plan keeping in mind your requirements and costs. Our scope of work covers renovations for the entire home, including kitchen remodeling and fitting, bathrooms tiling, reworking plumbing lines, electrical lines reworking, extensions, remodelling and interior designing.  Constructions or Interior design projects can take up four to six weeks or more depending on the nature of complexities and the scope of work. Our work is of the highest quality standards keeping in mind the Goan climate, moisture levels and fierce monsoons.

Not only are you hiring a design firm but also an architect that will able to transform your vision into workable designs and turn them into reality. We also come equipped with a complete team of contractors specializing in painting, waterproofing, electrical, plumbing and landscaping. Our team of contractors have a combined experience of over 40 years in the business ensuring that you are provided with quality work and aesthetics.

Get started by simply giving as a call on +9 19850466555