Living room decorating ideas for Goan homes

Being a part of several interior decorating projects across Goa we are often asked by our clients for creative design ideas.  Design choices are very subjective, each project being unique to a particular vision of a client, concepts cannot have a ‘fits all’ approach.

Over the years living rooms have transformed from a formal parlor-esque space to entertain guests every now and then to a space to kick-back and relax. For most Goan families the purpose of a living room changes according to the size of the room. In larger homes, the living room is dedicated only for hosting while in a smaller setting a living room is more of a multiple function space that accommodates entertainment, a party-space or simply a relaxing lounge.

For a living room that has multiple purposes it may get a touch tricky to choose the right decor. If it gets too formal you may have sacrifice on limiting it to only a few functions therefore it is critical to create a design that is flexible and versatile while decorating. Most families prefer the entertainment unit in the living room, if you are considering it as well, ensure that these units double up as storage space.  Opt for open shelves to a  bare minimum while selecting a entertainment unit . Also it should be flexible enough to close quickly to cover-up unsightly electronics.

While choosing the color scheme, select elements neither harsh nor extreme. This can be achieved by selecting neutral colors balanced with a few bright colors. Avoid gender specific colors or colors that are too severe if you plan to entertain guests here. While selecting furniture, consider pieces that are comfortable  and cozy enough that you can nap on it if required, at the same time elegant to hosts guests. Position the furniture in a manner that people have a clear view of each other and of the entertainment unit (if one is present). For other secondary pieces to complete the room consider open book shelves along with storage space.

Lighting in the room needs to be balanced  enough for different moods. Dimmer lighting for viewing a game on the television set  and also bright enough to entertain guests. This can be achieved when the lighting is spread across in layers, at least two but ideally three layers work well. Ventilation is essential to fill the room with fresh air and natural light. Avoid heavy drapes in this are and allow access to the open areas or balconies.



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