Mapusa like many other parts of Goa has a large Portuguese influence. It was part of the old conquests in the Goa which were the parts of Goa that were ruled by the Portuguese before they took up the rest of the state.
A lot of their influence can be seen in the architecture in Mapusa.


Mapusa is located about 13 kms North of the capital. It is connected by the main national highway. Most buses and trains entering Goa from the North of the state, stop at Mapusa or Thivim which is a few kms away.
Mapusa is located around a mount, which in Portuguese translates to ‘Alto’. Heading up the hill provides a beautiful view of the city. This is something that tourists travel great distances for.

Currently the National highway bipasses the town of Mapusa and travellers can make their way up North without entering the city. A little west of the city are the very popular beaches of Calangute, Baga and Candolim which are part of the same stretch. Tourists flock to these beaches every tourist season and a ton of them during the off season as well.


Firstly, Mapusa was one of the few towns up in the North. There weren’t many in Goa at the time, the others were, Margao and Vasco. Mapusa also bragged about its market, which was a site for everyone to see especially on Fridays. People from all parts of the state and beyond came to purchase or sell their goods here. Anything and everything was available at the Mapusa market if people knew where to look and could navigate through the huge crowds.

Being a town, it had its fair share of hotels and lodging that would allow people visiting from other states to house themselves briefly.
Mapusa has its own police station and fire department that are largely responsible for keeping the biggest part of the North safe.

Some places to eat at in Mapusa?

There are a lot of restaurants in the area, but for most street food lovers, Alankar theatre(directions below) is the place to be. The party starts there only after the sun goes down. These places open around 6 pm and are running till the wee hours of the morning, around 3 am and so on.

Street food isn’t everyone’s always preference so there are always alternatives. Mapusa residency, or Satya Heera, which are places that have been there for the last couple of decades. They offer some of the tastiest Goan food in the vicinity. Other places to check out are, Cafe Xavier, Cremeaux or Stomach.