Planning an ideal layout for your living room

Gone are the days when conventional layouts in the living room which revolved around a placing a few pieces of furniture around the fire place. Today’s modern homes in Goa require the room to appear stylish yet be comfortable and inviting. When planning of the space is not done right, the room can get bulky, un-functional and complicated. Here is our guide that will help you plan the ideal layout for your living room.

While planning the layout of the living room it is essential that you analyze and decide how you spent time in it. This will help in furniture planning stage as you will have a better idea on what the priorities in the room are. Before arranging and rearranging the room’s furniture planing for the flow of traffic and conversation is very important. Sketch on piece of paper the entrance to the room and how people accessing the room need to navigate. Easier the routes to get in and out of  the room the better.  The sofa should never be placed close to the doorways to avoid any obstructions to access the room, it should be ideally placed in position that people can get in and out of the room with easy. For conversations to flow easily avoid leaving a lot of space between the seating arrangements.

Before you get to moving the furniture around, a sketch of the rooms furniture would be ideal to plan the layout. This is a huge time saver and less laborious as you don’t have unnecessarily move furniture around until you are satisfied with the plan on paper. Ideally the main pathway to the room should have at least 2-4 feet of walking space.  Also, keep in mind that any furniture you place at an angle, takes up more space.

Lighting and ventilation is another aspect critical to the living room’s layout. Ventilation has to be adequate to have at least a single large window if not a balcony to allow natural light to enter the room. For artificial lighting, have a mix of warm and soft light’s to create a mood.  Balance the spread of light across the room inorder to have adequate light. This can be achieved with spot lights and dimmers.



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