Going about remodeling your bathroom

So you decided to remodel your existing bathroom. Congratulations! There is a lot to do no doubt. A general contractor would work with a plan you give him which primarily includes construction and installation, but essentially the vision for the room inevitably is completely dependent on you; being the homeowner. From the point of the allocating a budgets, to deciding the styles and the functionality and what you want the final result to look like is all dependent on how the homeowner plans and conceptualizes the space.  Having worked on multiple interior projects in Goa remodelling bathrooms we are often asked by client for help and guidance on how to get the best of a remodel, here is a guide to get you started.

Being clear at what you are trying to achieve is absolutely important before starting any remodelling or upgrades. This has a huge impact on the end result and also on how much spending will incur on the remodel. Keep aside the budget for a while and imagine how best you would be comfortable in the space. Depending on who would be the users of the bathroom, layouts and needs could change. Eg would it be a master bedroom, a powder bathroom, kid’s bathroom etc.

Also be fully aware of why you are considering a remodel. You may be happy with the layout and feel you need to only change the look and feel of the room. There are homeowners that may consider a remodel to increase the resale value of the property to attract potential buyers. Thirdly, you  have in mind better functionality and storage for the space. You could be looking for additional space, better natural lighting, you may want to get rid of the bathtub or add two sinks instead of one. The possibilities are endless, but the approach of the remodel would then differ.

Before you get started with picking up ideas for the remodel, first allocate a realistic budget for the project. It can be difficult to estimate what the total spending at the outset but you can get a rough estimate if you consult an interior designer. There can possibly be unexpected costs for moving or changing plumbing and electrical lines as well which a certain budget needs to be allocated for. The right guidance from a design consultation will help put together a design plan to get started.

At stage you will have a better idea of the direction for the remodel and thus you would have to refine you plans to determine the layouts of choice, styles, finishes and storage. One way to achieve this is to look a multiple reference images and  put together the ideas that appeal to you.

Approving the schematic designs based on your referenced ideas would be the next phase. This involves finalizing sketches for the preliminary floor plans and elevations that describe the layouts and all of its components. To move forward, you should be able to approve the colors, materials and finishes for the space.

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