Smart ideas for Small Apartment Decor

If you are living in crowded cities in Goa such as Panjim, Margao, Mapusa, Canolim, Anjuna or Baga, apartment space is huge constraint in these areas. No matter how tiny your studio apartment is nothing beats having your own space in prime living areas. Here are some of the most feasible interior design ideas and tweaks that don’t involve remodeling.  These are ideal for rented apartments and are quick to implement in small sized spaces.

  1. To give your sleeping space some tranquillity and a nook like feel add a curtain around the bed area to separate the space from other parts of the apartment.
  2. If you take on very limited work at home, avoid the having a desk take up space, instead use a part of a bookshelf to make space for a laptop or basic work items.
  3. Avoid any obstructions in the kitchen area and opt for open shelves istead of heavy cabinetry
  4. Install a half wall made of plywood to either separate an area or make space for a desk to lean against.
  5. Pull down screens are very popular to project movies in a small space.
  6. A TV cabinet can be used to cleverly separate the entertainment space from your sleeping area.
  7. Apartments with regular swing-out doors add plenty of dead or unusable space behind the doors, opt for sliding doors instead wherever possible.
  8. To separate the kitchen space from the rest of the apartments a an old window frame can be used as a decorative item. If the space needs more work surface areas, a kitchen island on wheels can be added to additionally provide storage as well.
  9. Instead of coffee tables opt for a chest that can double-up as storage space for everyday items.
  10. The couch must double-up as a bed or a sleeping area as well, L-shaped couches or sectional couches are ideal in doing so.
  11. To increase storage in the apartment, purchase living room seating furniture that has inbuilt storage options. Ottomans or storage couches are ideal for this purpose.
  12. Take advantage of the vertical space by opting for ceiling racks in a bedroom corner to hang jackets, coats etc.
  13. Having a few fold-out tables handy will provide you with an easy access solution to creating counter space when needed.
  14. Having you bed on lockable casters can help create additional space whenever needed
  15. In the laundry area, used collapsible laundry baskets instead of bulk plastic baskets
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