Trending Decor Styles & Finishes in Goa 2017

The interior decor landscape has fast been changing in Goa with the rise in the population of open spaces across cities such as Panjim, Mapusa, Margao and the coastal areas. The desire for  personal space that can be called one’s own does push the limits of interior designing. In addition to this the successful planning and implementation of trends into an existing decor or an upgrade does require right amount of space planning,  the appropriate finishing touches and furnishings. Here we look at some of the most trending interior decor trends in Goa this season.


Space planning is the process of creating layouts for furniture and other elements in a room keeping in mind special requirements and being aware of the limitations and designs and architectural layouts. Lack of planning for spaces would make the furniture look awkward and out of place or may overpower and dwarf the appearance of a particular space. The right  balance in planning is achieved when style and orientation come together to create a place that meets your lifestyle requirements. With the right space planning at the outset of any home decor upgrade or renovation you can avoid the frustration and expense of unknowingly making purchases of items that do not match the scheme and fit of the room. The creative process emphasises on functionality, everyday lifestyle and also being aesthetically pleasant.


To enhance the ambience of any room in the house, use of furniture and accessories help in adding the finishing touches to bring out the style and ambiance of a particular area. With a few changes and adding specific elements in a room such as modifying a colour scheme or modifying an existing concept can really make the room standout. An interior designer offers advice and expertise in working with elements such as metals, wood, colours and textures.


Going about designing a space with a professional does require an eye for detail and a whole lot of planning. Getting started on any project firstly requires a indepth survey of the space that needs to be designed. Capturing images from all corners of the room that will help in better visualization of the space, identify architectural limitations and features. As a professional it is required that the space is personally surveyed to get a better understating of the project at hand. A survey provides a better approach to designing towards planning any project. A handy tip while surveying any room is to first mark points of importance on the floor plan and then capture images at these points in the room covering a 180 degree angle. Ensure you plot viewing points that cover the entire room during this process.

At the next phase, discussing with the occupants on the perception for the space based on their needs and desires is essential to successfully implement a design plan. This information gathering process is essential is critical as it gives an glimpse of the occupants lifestyle and preferences. Debating budgets, timelines and specific requirements are also a part of this discussion and a project proposal is drafted. On approval of the brief,initial designs are approved from the client and a preliminary design concepts and ideas are developed based on an extensive research  based on the brief received referring to  a variety of sources such as the internet, books, magazines etc. As you brainstorm ensure that sketches are made to group and record your ideas. Suggestions for the type of raw materials and finishes also have to be planned for and recorded. Before a conceptualization meeting with the client the concept must include presentation boards, hand drawn sketches, elevations and floor plans to help in the visualization of the proposed scheme. To define the scale and proportion of the space, computer generated images are created using CAD software to ensure that the planned concept is viable in the space. Providing multiple options and variations will help the client in making quick choices and also avoid design fails. The relation between the client and the space is a concept that does take a lot of experience. Subsequent to this meeting with the client, a few changes or modifications may be proposed which may need to be added to the design brief. Once approved by the client, final layout plans can be drawn and  the final designs are worked on at this stage. Approval of the final designs are based on a detailed set of specifications, budgeting and project scheduling. The final step of the process is project coordination and implementation. At this stage all approvals on technical drawings, designs and specifications have been approved.


Some of the most fanciest and trending decor accessories and finishes trending in Goa this season that you too can incorporate in your home!
1.Geometric decorative tiles are finding their way in kitchens and bathrooms in a major way. hexagon tiles are making a comeback, which were often see in old Portuguese homes in southern Goa. Geometric decorative tiles can be used as backsplashes on kitchen counters, back walls around the basin area and can be also used as highlighters on floors that looks absolutely stunning.

2.Mixed metals have been fast trending this season. Old methods of designing avoided the use of different types of metals in the same room. The earlier style was kept uniform. Eg. If gold was used, the same metal was used all across the scheme. Mixing metals if used tactfully can bring together a luxurious feel in the space. This trend in Goa began a few years ago in villas in northern belt and is not really new, however if done right it takes the interiors of the space to a whole new level.

3.The use of pretty stylish pendents in spaces such as the living rooms and dining areas are used like jewelry in the room. Pendents were earlier used mainly in the kitchen spaces, however these pendents are used with variations , pairing them together is become an even bigger trend. Colorful pendents are also trending, these are used to add vibrancy to a room with splashes of bright colors.

4.Pedestals are widely used in living rooms and dining spaces mainly because they help in adding a lot of drama to the room and also can be a huge space filler especially if you’re one of those homeowners that do not like to place plants or vases in the decor. Pedestals were earlier used at only the entrance way or a long passageway to the house however these also have now found a place indoors.
5. The use of graphic throw pillows is widely seen in many living rooms and lounges as they contribute a lot to adding pop to the room. From geometric shapes to floral patterns, art prints and more this trend is widely accepted because it is easy to just change the covers into something new depending on your mood. This can be easily added to your existing furniture decor that include beds, couches etc


Whether planning the furnishings of a room or determining the logistics of a special functionality of a particular space in the house either for an activity or an event (such as a party) most of us will find it to be a challenge in determining the use of the space. The use of any space relates to almost every experience we share in the space from interpersonal relations that we share with others using the space to the architecture of the building in which we live or work in, that as an impact on our everyday lives. We surround ourselves to an invisible bubble of the space we live in that expands and contracts according to how we function in the space at a given moment, according to the roles we play in a particular space and according to the social environment we create around us. In addition to this, our sense for personal space is also impacted on our cultural backgrounds and our emotional state.