Vasco da Gama, often called Vasco is the largest town in Goa. The town received its name from the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, who made his way there when working toward finding a sea route to India. The city is located a few kms from the only airport in Goa, Dabolim. Vasco is about 30 kms from the state capital, Panaji.


More than a century ago, the Portuguese constructed the Mormugao port that is located in Vasco. This was one of the busiest ports in Asia. Even today it handles a lot of the traffic coming into Asia.Being so close to the sea, the Portuguese used the Vasco port to build a lot of their navy and coast guard vessels. Even today this is followed to a great extent since a lot of ships are worked on through the Goa Shipyard Limited.


Being connected by sea, through the Mormugao port, by air, through the Dabolim airport and by road through the national highway and other smaller routes, Vasco is very well connected. Being always accessible, it acts as the main hub for tourists entering the state.

During the days of mining in the state, it was responsible for a lot of the ore coming in and heading out of Goa. Moving forward, the Mormugao port is going to be responsible for a lot of the coal that will be shipped into the state and used for various purposes around India.


Being in the state of Goa, there are bound to be stops for tourists throughout the state. Vasco has the famous Bogmalo and Baina beaches right one the outskirts. Most of these beaches being smaller and not very well known, do not have a lot of tourists. They are ideal for some peace and quiet.

Since there was so much happening in Vasco, the Portuguese would have to protect their investment. Protect their investment they did, when they put up the Mormugao fort. This giant defensive building has been added above the Mormugao port and has a perfect view of the inlet from the river. It is not always open, but there are occasions when it is open to the public. The Mormugao fort is one of the best maintained forts in the state.From one angle, the fort provides an amazing view of the Varca beach.

Right off the coast of Vasco there are a couple of islands that make ideal tourist stops. Tourists getting a boat ride out to sea are sometimes surprised by dolphins and other sea creatures. A lot of the area is taken up by the Indian defense forces and  thus cannot be accessed by tourists.