Working with a interior designer

Working with a interior designer

Many would think that hiring a designer for a home renovation or renovation project  in Goa would be to narrow-in on the aesthetics of the build, however, there is a lot more that an expert can bring to the table besides providing a professional consultation on only the cosmetics. These professionals can add much more value to the build and bring about improvements that would make the space look harmonious. Right from working on the floor plan with the architect to the overlooking and managing the contractors the scope of work that can be absorbed is enormous. With Eadus, clients have the backing of years of experience and most importantly expertise in project management and execution making us a leader among firms for turnkey project management and execution.

Envisioning is the primary skill that can outfit spaces with proper planning to make it look beautiful, functional and practical. For all the elements to fit into the scheme and maintain an uniform aesthetic proper structural planning that match the architectural features with the rest of the house are a primary tasks of these professionals. Executing plans that match the clients lifestyle, cultivating relationships with contractors and vendors goes with every project at hand.

Consider hiring an space decor consultant when you have a clear vision for your space as they bring a professional approach to space planning and look-after the nitty-gritty details getting your space to come together. Devising solutions that otherwise wouldn’t have crossed your mind that requires creativity and attention to tiny details can transform the look and feel of the project.

Costs of hiring a professional in Goa varies as many have an hourly fee and some a flat fee structure. A few firms also may require hiring on a retainer basis. Many also charge a percentage of the total project cost. These professionals also charge their fees as well as the cost of purchasing raw materials. In this service fee, the cost of retail raw material purchases are billed, any discounts are kept as fees. For those on a tight budget, you could hire a firm to consult for only for a few hours or for only sourcing the right types of materials and decoratives and get billed only for a few hours of consulting.

Ensuring that the space consultant is able to work around your style is essential before making a hiring decision. Being able to adapt to your preferences and be able to understand your vision for the project is the trait of most successful consultant firms. For builds that require measurements and layouts the firm your hire should also be preferably willing to work with an architect as well. Having an architect on-board is completely dependent on the nature of the project. Architects would help break down each part of the planning process. Complex electrical, structural and plumbing layouts would require an architect to draw- up working drawings. Providing the consultant with a set of samples of the work you want to carry out would give him a better understanding of the project’s objectives and also provide guidelines to work with.

During the initial consultation share as much as information as you can, especially if you plan to retain several aspects in its current form, which will help in putting together the preliminary sketches. Getting the expert on-board during the preliminary stages along with the architect helps in looking at different options or combinations and iron out potential discrepancies particularly those that involve structural changes to load-bearing walls, beams or columns.

Having a discussion with the household members jointly with the designer at the outset will get everyone’s output to avoid potential conflicts down the road. Getting a clear understanding on the billing at the beginning will paint a clear picture on the fees that you would be billed, whether it is traveling expenses, number of site visits etc that would be added to billing costs.